Monday, February 10, 2014

Die Warzau - Welcome To America (US & UK 12 Inch / 1989)

01) Welcome To America (Edit) 4:19
02) Welcome To America (Remix) 5:47
03) Welcome To America (Hip Hop Mix) 5:14
04) Welcome To America (Hip Hop Dub) 2:43
05) Welcome To America (LP Mix) 4:54

Back in 1989, the world of Industrial music revolved heavily around Nine Inch Nails, Front 242 and other Wax Trax! labelmates, along with Skinny Puppy and a block full of sound-alikes. Die Warzau had a standout moment with this 12 inch. Mixing guitar, synths, saxophone and a rap style vocal attack, 'Welcome To America' would go on into heavy rotation at the underground clubs. I remember hearing it for the first time and thinking, what a a mix of sounds! By the time the track was over, I was on a mission to buy it. You'll find that this song works quite well with the NIN track 'Down In It' which ironically, was released about the same time as this.
Thanks to Anthony P. for the suggestion and for future blog possibilities!
This Is 1989...You Feel It: Welcome To America


  1. I suck at commenting and I do apologize for that. I've been grabbing a good amount of tunes from you and thank you for it including this Die Warzau disc. I just wanted to not that having read your notes on this recording that I don't consider NIN industrial. It just may be from the timeframe in which I found him/them in comparison with other industrial acts.

  2. No worries. Everyone has their own ideas about what music fits what category. Thanks for the commen.

  3. I also thought that Die Warzau offered a unique twist on the industrial genre back in the day. Shame they didn't last longer - their debut album still sounds great today. Thanks again RA!

  4. Agreed MOD! Thanks for the comment.

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  6. Love the blog. Great stuff.