Sunday, December 29, 2013

Shriekback - Hand On My Heart (UK 12 Inch / 1984)

01) Hand On My Heart 5:44
02) Suck 5:32
03) Nerve 2:42

This single is culled from the 'Jam Science' LP (1983). I recently picked this one up on my excursion to the west coast. I also found another EP by the band in the same dusty bin as this one. A nice find for my relatively small Shriekback collection. Anyway, all the art is from this 12 inch. The recordings are from the 1999 CD 'Priests And Kanibals : The Best Of Shriekback' I found that the clarity and punch of the CD recordings were better than what I took from the vinyl (IMO).
One further bit of information to clear things up. This version of 'Hand On My Heart' is the longer one. Not that it's an extended mix, but when 'Jam Science' was released, there were several issues that included the full length mix at 5:45 and others that included the edit at 3:55. I've seen other people post the 'extended' mix and as far as I know (or have researched), this is the only longer version out there. So, call it what you may.
It's Just Me, Putting My Hand On My: Heart 

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