Sunday, November 17, 2013

V/A - Bio Rhythms (Dance Music With Bleeps) (UK CD / 1990)

There are some superb dance music compilations out there, but not one of them, ok..there are a few... come even close to this epic master! Without a doubt, one of the most influential labels (Network) of the late 80's and early 90's within the realms of electronic dance music. The artists on this compilation paved the way for way too many others and this was before the rave/techno scene blew up bad.
I originally found this on vinyl when I began to DJ at one my first long standing gigs in Milwaukee (The Mad Planet). This LP was brought up from Chicago, taken from (The Lizard Lounge) by the owner of both clubs at the time. It literally changed my outlook on music within the first listen.
Fall Into A: Trance


  1. This is excellent! I have "Bio Rhythm 2" that I bought at a small Tucson record shop back in the 90's and didn't have the cash for this one. Have been kicking myself all these years for choosing food over this. Many thanks!

  2. Your welcome! Thanks for the comment! I was actually thinking about putting up BIO 2 as well. Great comps indeed!

  3. Just DL'd this. Great stuff. Please put up BR2. Go on! You know you want to : )

  4. Love it! Sick of listening to 60's Mod, Northern and Psych music and get back to a sound that initially inspired me.

    Silence is Magick.

  5. Excellent! Thanks for the comment. I agree with you...stay tuned. Taking a break from posts for the moment.