Saturday, November 23, 2013

Adam Ant - Rough Stuff (US 12 Inch / 1990)

01) Rough Stuff (Extended Mix) 6:44
02) Rough Stuff (Dub) 6:46

This is the second track culled from A.A.'s solo release ' Manners & Physique'
With the help of Andre Cymone's remixing, this single was able to reach #14 on the Billboard Hot Dance charts back in (mid to late) August of 1990. (Debuted 8/4/90, 8 weeks on the charts).

The extended version was also included on the 2009 expanded remaster of  'Manners & Physique'. It was re-labeled as the '12 Inch Vocal Remix'. The Dub, included here, was not released on the original or remaster discs.
Rough Stuff


  1. Thanks for posting this! My copy of the 12" is a bit scuffed up. I am definitely looking forward to having the Dub in better quality. I had the CD Single, but sold it as it didn't have the dub (it did have the extended version and 7" remix). What's up with the "Walk Like A Dinosaur" reference with the added vocal ("boom acka-lacka...")? I understood that.

  2. Lol! Yeah I totally heard that in the track! Was Not Was' track 'Walk Like A Dinosaur' charted 6 months prior to this, so I'm really uncertain why Cymone would include it. Sounds like there could be a story behind it or perhaps it's a tribute to the Was Bros. who always had catchy tracks to begin with! ;)