Monday, October 21, 2013

Underworld - Underneath The Radar (US 12 Inch / 1988)

01) Underneath The Radar (12 Inch Remix) 8:02
02) Underneath The Radar (Instrumental Version) 6:38
03) Big Red X* 4:58
04) Underneath The Radar (Dub Version) 6:01
05) Underneath The Radar (7 Inch Edit)** 4:39
06) Underneath The Radar (LP Version) 6:00
(*) Exclusive to the 12 inch only
(**) From the US Promo CDS (Thanks to Shelf)
Recently, a few of my favourite bloggers went on an Underworld layout in their blogs. I mentioned this in my previous Underworld posting. Links to their sites can be found there. Thanks to DJ Shelf for providing the US Promo CDS from which I borrowed for this release (7 Inch Edit & 12 Inch Remix).
Everything else is directly from the 12 Inch itself and the LP (CD) of the same name.
We Live Underneath The Radar...So Get: Hip II


  1. A beautiful & underrated Song... thank you very much for the collection. Cheers MJK from germany...

  2. I agree! You're welcome and thanks for visiting

  3. It'll be so nice to get the Instrumental and Dub in HQ. Thank you, sir! I also think it's cool that a post from another blog can inspire like posts!

  4. Your welcome! Inspiring for certain, that's what music does in general, but you know that already!

    1. Thank you RA Feutz my silent voce tell my just you posted this Vinyl here exellent

  5. Right on! Thanks for the comment Nedzad!

  6. I either get a "500" Error or a blank page when I try to download :(

  7. Awesome, it works. Thanks for this, and everything you post!