Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Mission UK - Butterfly On A Wheel (UK CDS, UK 12 Inch & Ltd. Ed.10 Inch / 1990)

UK CDS (1990)

01) Butterfly On A Wheel 5:45
02) The Grip Of Disease 4:11
03) Kingdom Come (Forever And Again Mix) 5:00
UK 12 Inch (1990)
04) Butterfly On A Wheel (Magnificent Octopus Mix) 9:06
05) Mr. Pleasant 2:50
06) Heaven Sends You 4:54
Ressurection CD (2000)
07) Butterfly On A Wheel (Resurrection Mix) 5:19
UK Ltd. Ed. 10 Inch (1990)
08) Butterfly On A Wheel (Magnum Opus Mix) 5:39
09) Kingdom Come (Heavenly Mix) 8:04
Grains Of Sand CD (1990)
10) Butterfly On A Wheel (Troubadour Mix) 4:27
I spent a bit of time putting this one together, as this is one my favourite MISH tracks! What is unfortunate is the fact that I didn't take photos of the vinyl versions. I sold those long ago without ever documenting the art. My bad oversight.  On the other side, my recordings of the tracks remains solid! You'll have to put up with the limited photos that discogs has on their site.
 I have the CD Single and all the other CD's so you'll get that art along with ALL the tracks listed here. Everything was recorded at 320 and it all has been run through Adobe Audition for crisp, clear and amplified sound. 
Silver And Gold And It's Growing Cold. Autumn Leaves Lay Thick As Thieves: Butterfly OAW


  1. This is, as some might say, "smashingly brilliant" - well put together!! Thanks!