Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Cetu Javu - Situations (Import 12 Inch / 1988)

01) Situations (Extended Mix) 5:30
02) Quien lo Sambia? 7:00
03) Situations (Extended Mix) Brazil Compilation 6:23
04) Situations (Original CD Version) 4:01

1988 Seemed to be the year that a mass of artists began following in Depeche Mode's footsteps...techniques in instrumentation, melody and synthpop sounds...not to mention vocals very similar to Dave Gahan.
This is one artist that fooled many a listener back then. It remains to be an excellent slice of electronic pop and will always be a favorite of mine. All art plus tracks 1 and 2 are from the original ZYX / Technodrome 12 inch release. The inner record label states that 'Situations' is 6:30 in length...it is not!
Track 3 is from a Brazilian Compilation 'Cetu Javu - 12 Inch Collection' circa 2006
Track 4 is from the Remastered CD of 1990's Southern Lands CD.
We Get Together, Nothings Better: Situations

Robert Hazard - S/T (5 Song EP) (US 12 Inch / 1982)

01) Escalator Of Life 4:42
02) Change Reaction 3:55
03) Hang Around With You 3:06
04) Out Of The Blue 3:47
05) Blowin' In The Wind 4:30

I realize that this EP has been posted on other blogs, but the song quality and photo work were lacking in my opinion. There is nothing better than doing it yourself. All the art & recordings are from my EP.
Escalator Of Life was a moderate hit for AOR radio back in the Spring of 1982. It remains to be an odd classic in that crossover format of New Wave - No Wave 80's, where synth & keyboards became as prominent as guitar. My personal favorite has always been the 'Change Reaction' track. It had minimal radio play following the success of 'Escalator'.
We're Riding On The: Escalator Of Life

Monday, August 26, 2013

Secession - Touch (UK 12 Inch / 1984)

01) Touch (Part 3) 6:38
02) Touch (Part 4) 7:22

It's taken me a while, but here is the continuation of my 'Secession' singles. Extra work went into photoshopping the artwork for this one. Track 1 is taken from the vinyl itself and track 2 was taken from the 2012 Double CD release 'Trevor Jackson Presents Metal Dance'

A quick note of update. I'm going back in and re-recording the Secession series in flac format. A big inspiration was a blog follower (Peter) who made a lovely donation for me to re-up the link! Thanks again! I would also appreciate it if any and all of you would follow that in the future. Requests or re-ups will move along extremely fast with a donation. Then again, this blog is my love and not a business...but you know it helps! Ok then....Enjoy!

Touch (FLAC) (Updated 10-15-17)

Flesh For Lulu - Idol (UK 12 Inch / 1986)

01) Idol 4:49
02) Life Of Crime 2:52
03) Sleeping Dogs 3:00
04) Spaceball Ricochet 2:14

Here's another fine example of a 12 inch that should have received a whole lot more attention than it got! Back some time ago, I borrowed this record from my friend Brenda (thanks again) and recorded it. My recording was shite compared to what I can do these days and the file was a terrible bitrate anyway.
About a two weeks ago I came across this 12'er in a crap cut-out bin of a used CD shop. Yup, it was a mere $0.99 and the front cover was really beat. The record was still in top form, though and I proceeded to record it and photoshop the hell out of the art.
Oh Oh, You Keep Calling Me. Yeah Yeah You're My: Idol

Saturday, August 24, 2013

The Bolshoi - A Way (Promo & UK 12 Inch / 1986)

01) A Way (LP Version & Live Length) 4:53
02) A Way (Extended / Special Mix) 7:18
03) Razzle Dazzle (Live Length) 4:59

I recently picked up the US Promo 12 inch for this track ($0.99) and I also have an excellent copy of the UK 12 inch that was given to me as a birthday gift. Thank you & RIP,  Erzi Szegedi!
All the art from the US Promo and UK release are provided. The recordings are from the UK 12 inch, as it was in top form. Tracks repeat for both releases, except for the b-side 'Razzle Dazzle'

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bollock Brothers - Harley David (SOAB) (UK 12 Inch / 1987)

01) Harley David (Son Of A Bitch) 4:11
02) Son Of A Bitch 4:08

Back in 1987, I was shopping at the now famous 'WAX TRAX!' record shop in Chicago. This was a bi-monthly excursion to grab some precious vinyl (lots of cut-out 12 ers) and to go clubbing (EXIT, NEO etc.) Anyway, this was one of the records I picked up after hearing it at Exit one night. It was a must have after that and it's been in my collection ever since!
Thanks to Retro Angel for the request. This may be a bit early, but Milwaukee (20 minutes away for me) is gearing up for Harley Davidson's 110th Anniversary event the last weekend in August. Lots of thunder and a MASSIVE turnout!
Get on my Harley you daughter of a: Bitch

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Icehouse - Street Cafe (UK 12 Inch / 1983)

01) Street Cafe 4:12
02 Walls 4:45
03) Over The Line (Unreleased) 2:45

I've decided to put up some Icehouse. There is a double CD coming out of their 12 inch releases and remixes. It looks to be an outstanding release and remastered (hopefully)!
Track 1 and 2 are from the 2011 Remaster CD  'White Heat: Best Of'
 Track 3 is from the 2002 Remaster CD ' Primitive Man'

All art is from my original 12 inch.