Sunday, June 30, 2013

The Armoury Show - The Glory Of Love (UK 12 Inch / 1985)

01) The Glory Of Love (Universal Mix) 8:22
02) The Glory Of Love 4:53
03) Higher Than The Instrumental 4:10


04) The Glory Of Love (Single DJ Edit) 4:01

I recently picked up the 2013 Cherry Red Records (2 CD) remaster of 'Waiting For The Floods'
All the tracks for this post and the one to follow are taken from this release. The artwork is from my 12" collection of Armoury Show releases.

The Glory Of: Love (New Link 8/22/14) 


  1. Thank you for these mixes! The John Robie mixes of New York City (N.Y. Agogo) is what drew me to this group. I can't hardly wait to hear these remastered releases.

  2. Your welcome. Thanks for taking the time to comment!