Sunday, January 13, 2013

MOEV - Crucify Me (US 12 Inch / 1989)

01) Crucify Me (GM Edit Extended) 5:43
02) Crucify Me (Radio Mix) 4:17
03) Crucify Me (Extended Mix) 5:27

Whenever I think of MOEV, this is the track that normally comes to mind. I rotated this quite regularly into my DJ sets of the past. A Nettwerk (Canada) label classic! This is the US Atlantic pressing. Originally, this 12 inch was posted on the blog  New Romantic Rules. What I've done here is added all the art from the original 12 inch and then cleaned up the vinyl recordings a bit (Re-Eq'ed, Amplified and ran it through a noise/click application.


  1. Vastly underrated band - always thought of them as sort of a Canadian New Order, although they were certainly unique and original. This was a great underground dance single at the time, along with "Capitol Heaven." Thanks RA!

  2. Always a pleasure! Thanks for the comment and I am 100% in agreement with you!

  3. Thanks EDG! You are welcome. Check the Danse Society link in a bit...

  4. Moev was so underrated.. I am not sure why Nettwerk was on a roll back in the days.

    1. Truth! I was all over the Nettwerk material in the mid-late 80's.