Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Modern English - Somebody's Calling (UK 12 Inch / 1983)

01) Someone's Calling (Remix) 3:43
02) Life In The Gladhouse (Remix) 4:57

So, I have been in the process of collecting anything and all that was early 4 A.D. recordings. This was spurred on by my recent acquisition and reading of the book 'Facing The Other Way: The Story of 4A.D.' by Martin Aston.
The remixes on this 12 inch may seem slightly shorter than those listed on Discogs, but I assure you they are the same. I cut the dead seconds at the beginning and end of each track...nothing is missing. All art is from the original 12 inch of mine.
 Oh Me, Oh My, Life In The: Gladhouse 

Monday, December 30, 2013

Thompson Twins - Doctor! Doctor! (UK 12 Inch / 1984)

01) Doctor! Doctor! (Extended Mix) 7:52
02) Nurse Shark 4:06

This is just the tip of the iceberg regarding my Thompson Twins collection of 12 inches. I can only think of one other person who could possibly beat me when it comes to the shear amount of TT in a collection (wink...wink...eLeMeNOhPeaQ).
All art is from my original vinyl. The recordings are in WAV format and are taken from the 2008 Edsel Deluxe 2 CD remaster of 'Into The Gap'.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Shriekback - Hand On My Heart (UK 12 Inch / 1984)

01) Hand On My Heart 5:44
02) Suck 5:32
03) Nerve 2:42

This single is culled from the 'Jam Science' LP (1983). I recently picked this one up on my excursion to the west coast. I also found another EP by the band in the same dusty bin as this one. A nice find for my relatively small Shriekback collection. Anyway, all the art is from this 12 inch. The recordings are from the 1999 CD 'Priests And Kanibals : The Best Of Shriekback' I found that the clarity and punch of the CD recordings were better than what I took from the vinyl (IMO).
One further bit of information to clear things up. This version of 'Hand On My Heart' is the longer one. Not that it's an extended mix, but when 'Jam Science' was released, there were several issues that included the full length mix at 5:45 and others that included the edit at 3:55. I've seen other people post the 'extended' mix and as far as I know (or have researched), this is the only longer version out there. So, call it what you may.
It's Just Me, Putting My Hand On My: Heart 

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Success (US 12 Inch / 1988)

01) Success (12 Inch Dance Mix) 6:44
02) Success (7 Inch Mix) 3:51
03) Success (Funky Mix) 5:27
04) Success (Balaeracidic Mix) 6:02
05) Success (Micro-Dot Mix) 6:26
06) Success (Metal Hammer Mix) 4:44

Another 12 inch release from Sigue Sigue Sputnik ala 1988. This is a more refined S.S.S with a stab at mainstream 'success'. Perhaps after the 1986 release, some of the members actually learned to play their instruments. Either way, there are a slue of mixes here. I prefer the 12 Inch Dance and Metal Hammer Mixes. They remain closest to the original. All the other mixes are attempts to fit in with the 'Summer Of Love- Acid-Balaeric-Ibiza' sound of the time. The Funky Mix is good fun, including it's ample sample of Michael Douglas from the movie 'Wall Street'

All the mixes and photos are from this original 12 inch.
Luxury Giving Me, Nothing More And Nothing Less Than:  Success 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Edelweiss - Bring Me Edelweiss (US 12 Inch - UK CDS / 1988)

US 12 Inch
01) Bring Me Edelweiss (Vocal Version) 9:11
02) Bring Me Edelweiss (Rap Version) 5:42
03) Bring Me Edelweiss (Tourist Version) 7:43
04) Bring Me Edelweiss (Yodel Version) 4:59
05) Bring Me Edelweiss (Single Version) 3:40
06)  Bring Me Edelweiss (Alpengluhen Version) 1:15
07) Bring Me Edelweiss (Kitz-Stein-Horn Version) 4:07
08) Bring Me Edelweiss (Inzest House Version) 7:29
09) Bring Me Edelweiss (Ruck Zuck Version) 4:59
10) Bring Me Edelweiss (Schnaps Bonus beats) 2:43

Ibiza & The Summer Of Love were in full swing when this little lovely dropped in 1988.
It became an instant dance classic with enough 'versions' to choke the Edelweiss right out of you. All the classic samples are here, as well as the token original vocal rip that was all the rage of typical dance 12 inches of the time. Everything was owed to M/A/R/R/S' - 'Pump Up The Volume'.
I found this 12 inch out in San Diego recently ($3), although I had the original way back then too. The CDS was found in a cut-out bin of cheapos. I though I'd be kind and give you the whole lot of it. Happy Friday!
So When You Really Love Me, Darling Bring Me : Edelweiss

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Propaganda - Heaven Give Me Words (UK CDS / 1990)

01) Heaven Give Me Words (7" Single) 4:17
02) Heaven Give Me Words (Honey In Heaven) 8:08
03) Count Zero 3:57


04) Heaven Give Me Words (The Beat) 7:34
(Taken from The UK 12 Inch)  
This single is taken from the 1990 Propaganda release '1234'. Propaganda of the 90's had a new lead singer in Betsi Miller, following the departure of Claudia Brucken for a solo career. Additional departures from the original line up were Susan Freytag (vocals), Andreas Thein, Ralf Doerper & Michael Wertz. The only original member still involved was Michael Mertens (Keyboards) and some lyrical help from Doerper as well. A big change and a whole new sound!


Heaven Give Me: Words 

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Adam Ant - Rough Stuff (US 12 Inch / 1990)

01) Rough Stuff (Extended Mix) 6:44
02) Rough Stuff (Dub) 6:46

This is the second track culled from A.A.'s solo release ' Manners & Physique'
With the help of Andre Cymone's remixing, this single was able to reach #14 on the Billboard Hot Dance charts back in (mid to late) August of 1990. (Debuted 8/4/90, 8 weeks on the charts).

The extended version was also included on the 2009 expanded remaster of  'Manners & Physique'. It was re-labeled as the '12 Inch Vocal Remix'. The Dub, included here, was not released on the original or remaster discs.
Rough Stuff

Sunday, November 17, 2013

V/A - Bio Rhythms (Dance Music With Bleeps) (UK CD / 1990)

There are some superb dance music compilations out there, but not one of them, ok..there are a few... come even close to this epic master! Without a doubt, one of the most influential labels (Network) of the late 80's and early 90's within the realms of electronic dance music. The artists on this compilation paved the way for way too many others and this was before the rave/techno scene blew up bad.
I originally found this on vinyl when I began to DJ at one my first long standing gigs in Milwaukee (The Mad Planet). This LP was brought up from Chicago, taken from (The Lizard Lounge) by the owner of both clubs at the time. It literally changed my outlook on music within the first listen.
Fall Into A: Trance

V/A - Hits Post Modern 8 (I Was A Teenage Post Modern) (CD/1990)

Another fine example of  the classic HPM Series.
I Was A Teenage Post: Modern 

Thursday, November 14, 2013

V/A - Album Network Expand-O (CD Tune-Up #9 / 1991)

I have yet to include any compilations (as of late) on my blog , so at this time I'm going to drop a few in. It seems that a few other blogs I follow are doing so as well. This A.N.E. Series was a staple in the college alternative world, along with several other series (Hits Post Modern, CMJ and New Music Monthly). These were a guide to what was new and being pushed by the major labels at the time. All to often, commercial AOR & Pop radio dismissed much of this.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Severed Heads - All Saints Day (CDS / 1989)

01) All Saints Day 6:48
02) Saints Day Dub 8:23

In honor of All Saints Day (Dia de Los Muertos), I give you another superb track from the Severed Heads (Tom Ellard). If you haven't heard of it, you went to the wrong clubs back in 1989.
Caracas, Sugar Skulls & All Saints: Day 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Severed Heads - Dead Eyes Opened (Import 12 Inch / 1986)

01) Dead Eyes Opened  6:00
02) Petrol 5:42
03) We Have Come To Bless This House 3:54
04) Oscar's Grind 4:38
05) Mambo Fist Miasma 5:10

Sticking with the Halloween theme, this track certainly fits in. Australian based Severed Heads (Tom Ellard) and one of the early tracks that put him on the map. Much can be said about the success of Vancouver based Nettwerk Records and all the artists on their roster at the time (Skinny Puppy, Sarah McLachlan, MOEV etc.)!
Is Your Name Patrick: Marn?

Ministry - Everyday (Is Halloween) - All Day (US 12 Inch / 1985)

01) Everyday (Is Halloween) 6:25
02) All Day 5:50

Posted for obvious reasons despite being a bit cliche for anyone who has ever clubbed in the mid 80's.
Halloween Is: Everyday

The Stray Cats - Stray Cat Strut (UK 12 Inch / 1983)

01) Stray Cat Strut 3:14
02) Built For Speed 2:52
03) Sweet Love On My Mind (Live) 4:28
04) Drink That Bottle Down (Live) 5:12
Sweet Love - Drink That (Live-Blended Mix) 9:37

All recordings and art are from this 12inch The two live recordings are seperate tracks on the vinyl.  I thought it would be more fitting to have them as one track to keep continuity...hence your bonus track.
I Get My Dinner From A Garbage: Can 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Cabaret Voltaire - Hypnotised (UK CDS / 1989)

01) Hypnotised (FON Force Mix) 5:49
02) Hypnotised (Daniel Miller Mix) 5:53
03) Hypnotised (Western Works Mix) 5:48

I Can't Keep Away As Hard As I Try. I Might Be Frightened, But I'm Still: Hypnotised 

Cabaret Voltaire - Here To Go (UK 12 Inch / 1987)

01) Here To Go (Extended Mix) 6:57
02) Here To Go (Space Dub) 8:00

Lighten Up, Commit: Yourself

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Love And Rockets - No New Tale To Tell (US Promo Double A-Side 12 Inch / 1987)

01) No New Tale To Tell (LP Version) 3:26

I recently found this mint Promo 12 inch for $2. I normally would have passed this up as it is a double A-side promo with just a LP version of the track, but...I love artwork! I bought it just to document the art...in my own way, not the terrible scans you find elsewhere.
That being said, it's up to you if you want to download this or not. If you're like me...you'll want it just for the art...lol!  The track recording was taken from the 2002 remaster of the 'Earth, Sun, Moon' CD. I lowered the amplification as this was remastered into the 'red' (loud) like so many other recordings these days.
No New Tale To: Tell

Romeo Void - Never Say Never (EP / 1981)

01) Never Say Never 6:04
02) In The Dark 4:26
03) Present Tense 5:46
04) Not Safe 3:53

I had a request for this one and honestly, I have no issues filling it. I was going to do a dual post of R.V. back when I laid out the 'Girl In Trouble' 12 inch, but I got sidestepped. This is an awesome EP! Something about the drumming, bass line and guitar work make this EP ring loud and solid even 32 years after it's release. I can honestly say that this sounds far better on vinyl as opposed to the CD pressings, of which you can't find some of these tracks...yeah, I looked.  Everything was recorded & photo'd from this EP.
I Might Like You Better If We Slept: Together

Friday, October 25, 2013

Seona Dancing - More To Lose (UK 12 Inch / 1983)

01) More To Lose (Extended Mix) 6:03
02) You're On My Side 3:06

Ricky Gervais.  Love him or hate him, this is a bit of his musical side from the early 80's. I must say, I rather enjoy this track...not him. Something about that forced laugh he always has. I really don't find him that funny. Anyway, we want music, not opines on comedians...right?
I've decided to put this up after seeing requests for it on other blogs, specifically DJ Paul T's BTG site.
All art and recordings are directly from this 12 inch. Thanks & enjoy!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Eon - Spice (Import 12 Inch / 1990)

01) Spice (Original Mix With Notes) 5:50
02) Spice (The Baron's Dub) 5:54
03) Spice (J Saul Kane Version) 5:52

He Who Controls The Spice, Controls The: Universe II

Monday, October 21, 2013

Underworld - Underneath The Radar (US 12 Inch / 1988)

01) Underneath The Radar (12 Inch Remix) 8:02
02) Underneath The Radar (Instrumental Version) 6:38
03) Big Red X* 4:58
04) Underneath The Radar (Dub Version) 6:01
05) Underneath The Radar (7 Inch Edit)** 4:39
06) Underneath The Radar (LP Version) 6:00
(*) Exclusive to the 12 inch only
(**) From the US Promo CDS (Thanks to Shelf)
Recently, a few of my favourite bloggers went on an Underworld layout in their blogs. I mentioned this in my previous Underworld posting. Links to their sites can be found there. Thanks to DJ Shelf for providing the US Promo CDS from which I borrowed for this release (7 Inch Edit & 12 Inch Remix).
Everything else is directly from the 12 Inch itself and the LP (CD) of the same name.
We Live Underneath The Radar...So Get: Hip II

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Underworld - Show Some Emotion (US Promo CDS / 1988)

01) Show Some Emotion (Remix) 4:03
02) Show Some Emotion (LP Edit Version) 3:48

Not to feel out of the loop, I've decided to post this promo release. A few of my favourite bloggers (MOD, Sandman) have posted Underworld singles and this would be my answer to all that.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Kraftwerk - The Robots (Import CDS / 1991)

01) The Robots (Robotronik Mix) 4:54
02) The Robots (Robotnik Mix) 7:44
03) The Robots (Single Version) 3:47

We Are The: Robots

Level 42 - Lessons In Love (US 12 Inch / 1987)

01) Lessons In Love (Shep Pettibone 12 Inch Remix) 7:50
02) Lessons In Love (7 Inch Version) 4:05
03) Lessons In Love (Dub) 5:57
04) Freedom Someday 6:17

Lessons In: Love

Level 42 - Something About You (US Promo 12 Inch / 1985)

01) Something About You (Shep Pettibone Remix) 7:58
02) Something About You (Instrumental) 6:53

That There Is Something About: You