Monday, January 9, 2012

Sweet Exorcist - Testone (Remixes) (UK 12 Inch/1990) @ 320 w/ Full Art

01) Testfour - 5:48
02) Testfive - 7:45
03) Testsix (Toneapella) - 4:08

"If everything's ready here on the Dark Side of the Moon... play the five tones."

Five tones? Sweet Exorcist didn't need five tones. Two was enough to make electronic-music history.

At the end of the 1980s, Richard H. Kirk (of the pioneering U.K. post-punk band Cabaret Voltaire) was a huge fan of the twin ascension of house and techno. Cabaret Voltaire had been incorporating dance sounds since its first singles in the late '70s, but Kirk wanted to dive deeper — specifically Detroit techno, which hadn't crossed the Atlantic with the same ferocity as Chicago's house music.

So Kirk holed up with Sheffield's DJ Parrot (a.k.a. Richard Barrett), who wanted to take an antithetical approach to the recent rise of acid house. Specifically, Barrett had this crazy idea to build a track out of tones used to calibrate and test audio equipment — sine waves similar to what might precede an Emergency Broadcast System message — but to use the same funk rhythms that had been moving hips for decades with an emphasis on the one (a.k.a. the first beat). The result was "Testone," and it was the third 12" ever for the fledgling Sheffield label Warp Records.

Bloop ... Bleep ... Bleep Bloop.

While Sweet Exorcist (as Kirk and Barrett would become known) pulled in elements of house and techno, something about "Testone" sounded different. Detroit's techno pioneers had been increasingly erasing themselves from their music for half a decade, but this felt like the HAL in the coffin. What began with Robert Moog 25 years earlier had finally morphed into R2D2. Warp deemed the burgeoning sub-genre — what else? — Bleep

If everything's ready here on the Dark Side of the Moon... New Link (9-20-14)

Monday, January 2, 2012

Bonzo Goes To Washington - 5 Minutes (US 12 Inch) (1984) @ 320 w/ Art

01) 5 Minutes (C-C-C Club Mix) - 5:31
02) 5 Minutes (R-R-R Radio Mix) - 4:06 (Cold)
03) 5 Minutes (B-B-B Bombing Mix) - 3:21

OK, so this is the 12" I was speaking of in my post (yesterday).
It's a collaboration w/ Jerry Harrison & Bootsy Collins. If I had to pinpoint the sound, I'd go with early Tackhead or ACR funk. It contains the classic Ronald Reagan sample 'My fellow Americans, I'm pleased to tell you today that I've signed legislation that would outlaw Russia forever...we begin bombing in five minutes' sample. The sample is twisted and stuttered in between the funky bassline and drum loops. Just an instrumental piece.

Honestly, when I first picked this up (about 15 years ago), I would have never put 2 & 2 together. Sure enough flip it over to the back and there's your info. I surely would have breezed over this in the record bin had it not been for the 'Gipper' on the front! 

I have (2) copies now. One w/ the Original sleeve & one with a generic white jacket and promotional sticker.

If you have 5 Minutes to S-S-S Spare...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Jerry Harrison - Rev It Up (12 Inch) (1988) @ 320 w/ Full Art

01) Rev It Up (To Heller And Back Mix) - 5:54
02) Rev It Up (Bad Bruce's Wisconsin Dub) - 6:40
03) Bobby (Aboriginal Mix) - 6:59

Milwaukee's own Jerry Harrison jumps into the 12" pool. This, of course, went on to become a moderate AOR hit locally/nationally and further spawned interest in the CD from that same year 'Casual Gods'. 

Jerry's success in the Talking Heads lead him onto many ventures, Solo Recordings and as a Producer. He frequently visited Milwaukee (perhaps still does) on many occassions. I can say this with an aire of pride, as he used to frequent the nightclub 'Mad Planet' (post operating hours) during my 20 years of DJing there. He was always a pleasure to chat up with!

I never asked him to sign my 12" from 1984 'Bonzo Goes To Washington - 5 Minutes' (Side Project & collaboration of Jerry & Bootsy Collins). Wish I would have...that's another post sometime...

Let your Head get rev v ved here:

Peter Godwin - Images Of Heaven (UK 12 Inch) (1982) @ 320 w/ All Art

01) Images Of Heaven (Extended Version) - 5:01
02) Spoken Images - 3:48

Godwin's Best of CD 'Images Of Heaven (1998)' contains the Full Length Version @ 5:02. It appears that these are the same, but titled different for the UK 12 Inch release. The B-Side was exclusive to the 12" and isn't on the 'Best Of'. The only other mix of 'Images' I've found (so far) is the Razormaid! Mix @ 6:06, on the Best Of CD.

On a side note, I recently contacted Peter via his FB page!/PeterGodwinPG  and he was quite nice to release some more info regarding this 12" (Taken from FB response): 

'The only original mix you didn't include in your blog was the single length 7" mix (3:28 mins) that was released in the UK and all over the world in 1982 including t...he US- where it got into the breakers of the Billboard Hot 100 at 101! That was without much airplay (though the mix was aimed at Top Forty radio)- but on the back of MTV video play (which uses that mix) and the mini album's success in the clubs- which landed that album at #17 in the Billboard Dance chart if I recall correctly, in a chart made up of 12" dance mixes, not mini-albums. Also the live version of Images is a different mix- though never released - it runs at 4:05 - and has synth bass played by Hans Zimmer- and a different structure from either the extended or radio mixes- you can hear it here- 

Get a better picture of what Heaven looks like, here: Heaven (New Link 11-2-14)