Friday, November 2, 2012

Fiction Factory - Feels Like Heaven (UK 12 Inch / 1983)

01) Feels Like Heaven (Album Version) 3:33
02) Everyone But You (B-Side) 3:30
03) This Is (B-Side) 3:03

Bonus Track

04) Feels Like Heaven (Extended Version) 5:48


Track 1-3 was taken from this 12 Inch
Track 4 was extracted from the  2 CD release 'Dance Classics (Pop Edition) Vol. 7'

Obviously the sticker on the front of this 12 inch is incorrect. I'm uncertain who's to blame. I've decided to include the extended mix in this post just because I was disappointed when I found out that it wasn't included. So there you go...the ever elusive 12 Inch version. I'll post more info regarding this post at a later date.

What heaven might feel like, or not: (New Link 3-4-18)


  1. This is one of THE great undiscovered songs of the 80s. Shoulda been a MONSTER hit!

    1. Right?! I Agree. I still love hearing it now and then.

  2. Hola. Can you reseed the link pls. Thanks in advance.