Friday, September 28, 2012

Soft Cell - It's A Mug's Game / Sex Dwarf (US 12 Inch / 1982)

01) It's A Mug's Game (Extended Version) @ 8:10
02) It's A Mug's Game (Single Version) @ 5:28
03) Sex Dwarf (Erotic Cabaret Version) @ 5:16
04) Sex Dwarf (Ecstatic Dancing Version) @ 5:13

Track 1 taken from the 1999 CD release 'Twelve Inch Singles'
Track 2 taken from the Singles Compilation recorded by Petee Bowdown Rider
Track 3 taken from the 2006 Remaster 'Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret'
Exclusive to this blogpost, Track 4 was taken from the 2006 Remaster 'Non-Stop Ecstatic Dancing'
Soft Cell are an English synthpop duo who came to prominence in the early 1980s. They consist of vocalist Marc Almond and instrumentalist David Ball. The duo is most widely known for their 1981 worldwide hit version of "Tainted Love" and platinum debut Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret. In the UK, they had ten Top 40 hits, including "Bedsitter" (No. 4), "Say Hello, Wave Goodbye" (No. 3), "Torch" (No. 2), and "What!" (No. 3), and also had four Top 20 albums between 1981 and 1984. The duo split in 1984, but reformed in the early 2000s to tour and released a new album in 2002. Their songs have been covered by various artists including Nine Inch Nails, David Gray, Nouvelle Vague, Marilyn Manson and A-ha. Soft Cell's track "Memorabilia" earned recognition for the band as pioneers of techno style. The duo have sold 10 million records worldwide.
The duo's first album, Non-Stop Erotic Cabaret, hit UK No. 5 and further explored the now-trademark Soft Cell themes of squalour and sleaze. "Seedy Films" talks of long nights in porno cinemas, while "Frustration" and "Secret Life" deal with the boredom and hypocrisy associated with suburban life. A companion video titled Non-Stop Exotic Video Show was released alongside the album and featured videos directed by Tim Pope. The video generated some controversy in Britain, mainly due to the scandal involved with the "Sex Dwarf" clip. The original version of the music video featured Almond and Ball in a bloody butcher shop surrounded by chainsaws, nude actors, and dwarves. However, the film was confiscated by police and censored before it was even released. As a tongue-in-cheek substitute, a re-filmed "Sex Dwarf" appeared in Non-Stop Exotic Video Show featuring Almond dressed in a tuxedo, directing a symphony orchestra of transvestites.
Isn't It Nice, Sugar & Spice, Lurring Disco Dollies To A Life Of Vice:  Sex Dwarf

Chad Jackson - Hear The Drummer (Get Wicked) (US 12 Inch / 1990)

01) Hear The Drummer (Get Wicked) (Extended Version) @ 6:45
02) Hear The Drummer (Get Wicked) (Radio Edit) @ 3:43
03) High On Life (Live In Manchester) (Extended Version) @ 6:46

Mark Chadwick, better known by his stage name, Chad Jackson, is an English DJ, remixer and record producer. He is best known for his hit single "Hear the Drummer (Get Wicked)", but he also created member only mixes for the Disco Mix Club (DMC). Jackson was born in Manchester, England.
He won the DMC World Championships competition in 1987. His career started in 1990, with his debut single "Freedom to Party (Construction Mix)", which failed to chart. However, his second single "Hear the Drummer (Get Wicked)", which consisted of  James Brown, Public Enemy & The Ojay's as sample material, was a hit, peaking at #1 on the UK Dance Chart and #3 on the UK Sing Chart. It was based on "900 Number" by the 45 King, which has also been the theme music for BBC Radio 1's dance music show The Big Beat.
Let's Groove On 'Cause It's Time To Move On:  Drummer

The Mission UK - Wasteland (US 12 Inch / 1987)

01) Wasteland (Anniversary Mix) @ 7:38
02) Wasteland (Dance Mix) @ 7:27
03) Shelter From The Storm (Live) @ 7:20

First off, I want to thank DJ Paul T and his amazing blog  Burning The Ground, from which this post was taken. Paul does amazing work w/ his scans and recordings of the original material. I try to emulate that in this blog of mine! So if you have the time, do check out his other posts! All thanks to Paul & BTG!
On a second note, I want to thank Brad Sherfinski from the SSTM Facebook Fan Page for making this request. An excellent choice if I do say so myself!
The following information was originally posted on the BTG site:
The Mission (known as The Mission UK in the United States were a gothic rock band formed in 1986 from the splinters of the freshly-dissolved rock band The Sisters of Mercy.
The Mission was started by frontman Wayne Hussey and bassist Craig Adams .The first success for Hussey came when he joined Dead or Alive at the request of frontman Pete Burns. After Burns retreated to become more studio-based Hussey decided to leave and was offered a position with The Sisters of Mercy, concentrating on 12-string and 6-string guitars. When the Sisters of Mercy disbanded, Hussey and bassist Craig Adams set up The Mission, recruiting Mick Brown on drums and Simon Hinkler on guitars. Aside from Hussey, the line-up has changed several times during the years.
“Wasteland was the second single released fom The Missions first album “God’s Own Medicine” released in November 1986 on Mercury Records. Wasteland peaked at #11 on the UK singles chart, the song was also used in the 1980s TV show “Miami Vice” in the third series episode “Teresa”, first broadcast on 13 February 1987.
All Over This Land, All Over This : Wasteland

Friday, September 21, 2012

2 Men A Drum Machine & A Trumpet - 'Tired Of Getting Pushed Around' (12 Inch / 1988)

01) Tired Of Getting Pushed Around (6:24)
02) Tired Of Getting Pushed Around (The Mayhem Rhythm Remix) (6:32)

Fine Young Cannibals (David Steele and Andy Cox) released an instrumental house single under the moniker Two Men, a Drum Machine and a Trumpet in 1988, called "Tired Of Getting Pushed Around", which reached No. 18 in the UK Singles Chart and was popular on the U.S. dance charts reaching No. 3 status.
Derrick May, also known as Mayday and Rhythim is Rhythim, is an electronic musician from Belleville, Michigan U.S.A. He was an only child born in Detroit on June 4 1963 and began to explore electronic music early in his life. Along with his Belleville, Michigan high school friends Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson, commonly known as the Belleville Three, May is credited with developing the futuristic variation on house music that would be dubbed "techno" by Atkins.

May's career started in 1987 with the release of a record called 'Nude Photo' (co-written by Thomas Barnett), which helped kickstart the Detroit techno music scene. A year later he was following it with what was to become one of techno's classic anthems, the seminal track 'Strings of Life'. It 'hit Britain in an especially big way during the country's 1987-1988 house explosion.' It became May's best known track, which, according to Frankie Knuckles, 'just exploded. It was like something you can't imagine, the kind of power and energy people got off that record when it was first heard.'
The 'Mayhem Rhythm Remix' provided by May has all of his classic signature sounds he used to make 'House' tracks stand out above all the rest!
Do You Wanna Make Money Or Do You Wanna Play House: There's Something Wrong With Me

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Meat Beat Manifesto - Edge Of No Control (CDS/12 Inch) (1992) 320 w/Art

01) Edge Of No Control @ 4:21
02) Edge Of No Control (Take Control - Orbital Reply) @ 6:11
03) Edge Of No Control (Satyriconsolidated - Consolidated Reply) @ 4:48
04) The Circular Cosmic Spot @ 2:58
05) DJ Interruptus @ 3:08
06) Original Control (Version 3) @ 3:16
12 Inch
01) Edge Of No Control (Pt. 2) @ 4:21
 02) Edge Of No Control (Take Control - Orbital Reply) @ 6:11
03) Edge Of No Control (Satyriconsolidated - Consolidated Reply) @ 4:48
04) Edge Of No Control (Consolidated Dub) @ 4:41
Meat Beat Manifesto, often shortened to Meat Beat or MBM, is an electronic music group originally consisting of Jack Dangers and Jonny Stephens formed in 1987 in Swindon, UK. The band, fronted by Dangers (the only permanent member), has proven versatile over the years, experimenting with techno, dubstep, jungle (drum'n'bass), IDM, industrial, dub, and jazz fusion while touring the world and influencing major acts such as Nine Inch Nails, The Chemical Brothers, and The Prodigy. Some of the band's earlier work has been credited with influencing the rise of the trip-hop, big beat, and drum and bass genres.
For more information regarding Jack Dangers & MBM: Wikipedia
Sample the Satyriconsolidatedorbits: Edge Of No Control



Killing Joke - Adorations (UK 12 Inch / 1986)

01 Adorations (The Extended Mix) 5:11
02 Exile (Chris Kimsey Mix) 6:14
03 Ecstacy (The Extended Mix) 6:29

'Adorations' is Killing Joke's first single from their sixth studio album, Brighter than a Thousand Suns. It was released in August, 1986.

This single was released as several versions including remixes, and even on cassette. "Adorations (the Extended mix)" was featured on the A-side of the 12 inch, with the B-side containing "Exile" and "Ecstasy (the Extended mix)". Both original versions of the songs were originally featured on the CD and cassette releases of Brighter than a Thousand Suns.

The 12 inch was released under E'G Records in the UK, Virgin Records in Spain, and Virgin Schallplatten GmbH in Germany. "Adorations (the Supernatural mix)" was also released on 12 inch in the UK and featured "Love Like Blood (the '86 Remix)" and "Exile" as B-sides. The 7 inch single release featured "Adorations", a shortened, non-remixed, version of the original "Adorations" featured on their studio album, as an A-side, with "Exile" as its B-side.

E'G Records also released a 7 inch limited edition double single exclusively in the UK, and featured the remix of "Adorations" as the A-side, "Exile" as the B-side, "Ecstasy" as the C-side, and "Adorations (instrumental mix)" as the D-side. The cassette maxi release of "Adorations" featured "Adorations (the Extended mix)" and "Ecstasy" as side one and "Exile" and "Love Like Blood (the'86 Remix)" as side two.

Throughout all the releases, "Adorations" was mixed by Julian Mendelsohn and Zeus B. Held, and produced by Chris Kimsey and Stewart Levine.

"Adorations" was the first single to show the "new sound" that Killing Joke had produced. There was some appreciation - Kerrang! described the single as "a brilliant, uplifting slice of swooning synth romanticism, with Jaz Coleman in full croon. A guilty KJ pleasure if there ever was one." However, reviews were mixed at best. As described by Jaz Coleman in a 1991 interview with MTV pertaining to their eighth studio album, Extremities, Dirt & Various Repressed Emotions, "we went through hell." This was primarily because the members of Killing Joke did not agree on the material to write, and as a result, Paul Raven and Paul Ferguson were fired in 1988 by Coleman.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Simple Minds - Waterfront (UK 12 Inch) (1983) @ 320 w/Art

01) Waterfront @ 5:49
02) Hunter And The Hunted (Live) @ 5:55

'Waterfront' (1983) is one of the first singles released from the album Sparkle In The Rain.
Featuring a new, rockier sound, 'Waterfront' scaled the charts in various countries around the world, including hitting #1 for two weeks in New Zealand. It also reached #13 on the UK Singles Charts. Today, it is a live favorite and is regarded as a signature song for the band.
The version as released on 7 inch vinyl (and on the original Now That's What I Call Music compilation) differs from versions available on CD. The original single didn't feature the repetitive bass-line that leads into the main body of the song, but had a "one,, two, three, four.." drumstick count-in by drummer Mel Gaynor.
It has been used for many years as the song, the English football team, Sheffield Wednesday, come out to at kick off.
Come In, Come Out Of The Rain: Waterfront