Friday, August 3, 2012

Slade - Run Runaway - My Oh My (Promo 12 Inch) (1984)

01) Run Runaway @ 4:59
02) My Oh My @ 4:09

I've had this Demo 12 inch since '84 and only up until now have decided to pull it out and render it to MP3 format. The only unique thing about this is the fact that 'Run Runaway' is a full 5 minutes as opposed to the LP/CD version @ 4:22. It provides a longer intro prior to the main track kicking in.

I used to work this track into my 'Retro 80's DJ sets awhile back. It worked perfectly as a cross fade coming off of Big Country's 'In A Big Country (Extended Mix)'. Only a slight speed adjustment was needed to match the rapid fire drum pattern of both tracks.

Along with the tracks (@320) and the LP photos, I've included various other photos of Slade's 12" & 7" releases of the same tracks. The photo's taken from Discogs were cleaned up for my own personal reference.

It's time to start running: Chameleon 

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