Sunday, August 12, 2012

INXS - Original Sin (US 12 Inch) (1984) @320 w/ Art

01) Original Sin (Dance Version) @ 5:57
02) Original Sin (LP Version) @ 5:19
03) Stay Young @ 3:25
04) Just Keep Walking @ 2:45
05) Original Sin (Extended Remix) @ 6:20

This 12 Inch has been blogged before in various bit rates & vinyl versions. I wanted to post the full version w/ an extra track too. What's keen to note here is that the LP Version on this 12 inch is actually the Extended Remix. Not sure how that got messed up in the pressing.

Track 2 was taken from the 2011 Remaster of 'The Swing'
Track 3 was taken from the 2011 Remaster of  'Underneath The Colours'
Track 4 was taken from the 2011 Remaster of  'INXS'

Dream of black boy, dream of white girl: Original Sin (New Link 8-6-14)


  1. Permission denied - can't access this one. And more INXS 12 inchers would be most welcome

  2. Unfortunately it is saying that this has expired. If you are able to re-up this it would be greatly appreciated. Also is it possible to post these in FLAC. Thanks for the great work.

    1. I'll work on a new link, unfortunately the original recordings I did were only in 320. I'd have to go back and re-record everything to update into WAV/FLAC format. Not ready to head there yet...