Saturday, July 14, 2012

ABC - Ocean Blue (UK 12 Inch) (1985) @ 320 w/ Art

01) Ocean Blue (Atlantic Mix) @ 5:06
02) Tower Of London (Instrumental) @ 3:33
03) Be Near Me (Ecstacy Mix) @ 4:39
04) Ocean Blue (Pacific Mix) @ 3:33

I want to thank Eighties Vinyl for originally posting this 12"along with the excellent recordings.

 I took the liberty to re-amplify the tracks and add all the artwork from my originally purchased 1985 UK import 12 inch.

(Originally posted on Eighties Vinyl):

“Ocean Blue” is a song by ABC released as the fourth single from their album How to Be a…Zillionaire!.
The song’s music video, shot in black-and-white, features lead singer Martin Fry singing the song, intercut with scenes of violinists and the remaining members of the band.
The song peaked at #51 on the UK Singles Chart; the song failed to chart on the Billboard Hot 100. The single was the only single from the album not to chart on the Hot 100; their next single to chart there would be “When Smokey Sings” the following year.
The single version was re-recorded with drummer David Palmer after the release of the album, also referred to as the “Pacific Mix”.

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