Thursday, July 19, 2012

Spoons - Nova Heart (US 12 Inch) (1982) @ 320 w/ Art

01) Nova Heart (Extended) @ 6:36
02) Symmetry @ 6:38


03) Nova Heart (Album Version) @ 4:21

Spoons was formed in Burlington, Ontario in 1979. The band initially consisted of Gordon Deppe (lead vocals and guitar), Sandy Horne (vocals and bass), Brett Wickens (keyboards, synths) and Peter Shepherd (drums). Deppe, Horne and Wickens attended Aldershot High School, and Deppe and Horne (the only constant members of the band) dated in high school.

In late 1979, Shepherd left the band and was replaced by Derrick Ross on drums. Spoons then released an independent single, "After the Institution", in 1980 on Mannequin Records. Shortly thereafter, Wickens left the band to release an electronica album under the pseudonym Ceramic Hello, also on Mannequin Records, and later became a graphic designer designing album covers for such artists as Peter Gabriel. He was replaced by keyboardist Rob Preuss, who was only fifteen when he joined Spoons.

The band's first album, Stick Figure Neighbourhood, was released in 1981, and is notable for being one of the earliest New Wave albums engineered by Daniel Lanois.

The following year, Spoons released their breakthrough album Arias & Symphonies. This album spawned three Top 40 hits in Canada: "Nova Heart"(released May 10th, 1982), "Arias & Symphonies", and "Smiling in Winter". All were dance-oriented New Wave hits.

"Nova Heart" was their first song to appear on the Canadian singles chart.

Following the success of the initial 7″ single version of "Nova Heart" (#40 Canada), an extended 12″ single was subsequently released. The B-side, "Symmetry," which did not appear on the Arias & Symphonies album, was a dance single, and while it did not get much airplay, it got significant play in clubs.

Around this time, Spoons' higher profile allowed them to become the opening act for bands such as Culture Club, Simple Minds, and The Police.

Sleep In My Nova Heart: Listen



Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Red 7 - Heartbeat (Promo 12 Inch) (1985) @ 320 w/ Art

01) Heartbeat (Promo 12 Inch Mix) @ 4:16

Red 7 was a short-lived rock group, formed in 1984 as a side project of Mike Rutherford (Genesis, Mike + the Mechanics). The three core members were Michael Becker, Gene Stashuk and Paul Revelli; Rutherford himself played bass on some of their songs and sang in the choir on one song, "The Way".

Red 7 recorded two albums. Their self-titled debut Red 7 was released in 1985 (MCA LP MCA-5508). Two cuts from that album were used in popular movies: "Less Than Perfect" was featured in the soundtrack to Joe Dante's 1985 film, Explorers ("Explorers: Music from the Motion Picture Soundtrack", MCA LP MCA-6148) . Arguably their best-known song, "Heartbeat", was featured in Michael Mann's 1986 thriller, Manhunter, as well as an episode of Miami Vice.

The second album, When the Sun Goes Down (MCA LP MCA-5792) was released in 1987.
The band lost their contract to MCA soon after the second album, and disappeared from public interest

Thump, Thump...Thump, Thump....Listen To It

Saturday, July 14, 2012

ABC - Ocean Blue (UK 12 Inch) (1985) @ 320 w/ Art

01) Ocean Blue (Atlantic Mix) @ 5:06
02) Tower Of London (Instrumental) @ 3:33
03) Be Near Me (Ecstacy Mix) @ 4:39
04) Ocean Blue (Pacific Mix) @ 3:33

I want to thank Eighties Vinyl for originally posting this 12"along with the excellent recordings.

 I took the liberty to re-amplify the tracks and add all the artwork from my originally purchased 1985 UK import 12 inch.

(Originally posted on Eighties Vinyl):

“Ocean Blue” is a song by ABC released as the fourth single from their album How to Be a…Zillionaire!.
The song’s music video, shot in black-and-white, features lead singer Martin Fry singing the song, intercut with scenes of violinists and the remaining members of the band.
The song peaked at #51 on the UK Singles Chart; the song failed to chart on the Billboard Hot 100. The single was the only single from the album not to chart on the Hot 100; their next single to chart there would be “When Smokey Sings” the following year.
The single version was re-recorded with drummer David Palmer after the release of the album, also referred to as the “Pacific Mix”.

As clear as an unmuddied lake: Take A Swim

Friday, July 6, 2012

China Crisis - Working With Fire & Steel (US 12 Inch) (1983) @ 320 w/ Art

01) Working With Fire And Steel @ 3:38
02) Working With Fire And Steel (Fire & Steel Mix) @ 4:59
03) Dockland @ 4:09
04) Forever I & I @ 3:04

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