Friday, February 10, 2012

Doctor & The Medics - Spirit In The Sky (US 12 Inch) (1986) @ 320 w/ Art

01) Spirit In The Sky @ 3:29
02) Miracle Of The Age @ 3:55
03) Laughing At The Pieces (Studio Version) @ 3:20)

So this track comes out of nowhere in 1986. A decent updated psychedelic garage rock take on Norman Greenbaum's 1970 classic. What throws everyone for a loop, besides the obvious 'Doors like' imagery on the back cover, is the out-f'in-rageous hair that the lead singer has. The video shows it in all it's foot and a half glory! Needless to say, the track became a staple in the underground nightclub circuit for several months. I personally took to the floor whenever I heard those opening notes!

I played this 12 inch to death back when I was DJing a popular Milwaukee 80's Retro night (1990-2008). This was before CD-R's and the availability of CD DJ equipment. YES, believe it or not, I DJ'ed with original slabs of 'vinyl' that often yielded the uncomfortable 'skip' or needle jump!

Spray the Aquanet and get your Spirit on:  download


  1. I loved this version back in the day. Never got the 12" though. Thanks so much! What a great site

  2. Excelente aporte, muy dicil de encontrar este LP, y además tiene muy buena calidad.

    1. Thank you! I'm happy the link still works. It is one of my early posts to the blog and follows my old ways of posting. Now I have a great scanner and usually do (flac) Perhaps I should re-record this!