Thursday, February 16, 2012

Danse Society - Heaven Is Waiting (Promo 12 Inch) (1984) @320 w/ Art

01) Heaven Is Waiting (Extended Version) 5:26
02) Heaven Is Waiting (Album Version) 3:42
03) 2000 Light Years From Home 3:56

(5-11-17) New notes regarding this 12 Inch. All the recordings are from the original 12 inch of mine. The artwork was photographed and then cleaned up with paintshop. This is a long time ago before I had my HD scanner. Perhaps this should get a redo with HD scans and a flac recording! Ehh...we'll see. I have a bit more that I want to post by them down the road, so check back! Thanks all. Enjoy!

Heaven Is Waiting (5-11-17 Zippy Link)