Sunday, January 1, 2012

Peter Godwin - Images Of Heaven (UK 12 Inch) (1982) @ 320 w/ All Art

01) Images Of Heaven (Extended Version) - 5:01
02) Spoken Images - 3:48

Godwin's Best of CD 'Images Of Heaven (1998)' contains the Full Length Version @ 5:02. It appears that these are the same, but titled different for the UK 12 Inch release. The B-Side was exclusive to the 12" and isn't on the 'Best Of'. The only other mix of 'Images' I've found (so far) is the Razormaid! Mix @ 6:06, on the Best Of CD.

On a side note, I recently contacted Peter via his FB page!/PeterGodwinPG  and he was quite nice to release some more info regarding this 12" (Taken from FB response): 

'The only original mix you didn't include in your blog was the single length 7" mix (3:28 mins) that was released in the UK and all over the world in 1982 including t...he US- where it got into the breakers of the Billboard Hot 100 at 101! That was without much airplay (though the mix was aimed at Top Forty radio)- but on the back of MTV video play (which uses that mix) and the mini album's success in the clubs- which landed that album at #17 in the Billboard Dance chart if I recall correctly, in a chart made up of 12" dance mixes, not mini-albums. Also the live version of Images is a different mix- though never released - it runs at 4:05 - and has synth bass played by Hans Zimmer- and a different structure from either the extended or radio mixes- you can hear it here- 

Get a better picture of what Heaven looks like, here: Heaven (New Link 11-2-14)


  1. so awesome!! can you recommend anything else along the lines of this particular genre of music? i've recently been discovering even more music like Italo Disco and UK 80's synth pop/alternative - rare hits from groups like The Human League, Koto, Cube, Cyber People, and so much more. was wondering if you could help. thanks!

  2. Thank you Kyler! The music you are referring to is a rather deep ocean to explore. I can only recommend that you follow the trail that all these bands & artists we're on. Many are related in style and come from the same cities as other big artists of the time. If you've found this post, then I'm certain you'll be able to follow your instincts and find other similar artists to numerous to mention! The 80's was Awesome!!

  3. I know, I'm right in the middle of the deep ocean, dude! It's like I'm rediscovering some of my childhood, too. The 80's was and is Awesome!! Related by cities, huh? Thanks a lot for the lead! Yeah, I scour around all the time for music of this variety. I've found good stuff from Rosso Corsa records - current electronica that sounds real similar to classic 80's synth, to great 80's movie soundtracks, to lesser-known artists and other rare gems, and others not so rare like: New Order, Cutting Crew, Ultravox, The System, Taxxi, Michael Fortunati, Femme Fatale, and Sparks to name only a few. Most recently I have been hearing a lot of really great tracks on mix playlists by DJ Trent Von, who does the "Save the Wave" mixes on Seattle radio station C89.5 (that's how I discovered this single). I recommend (the dj mixes, not the station)! My thirst for good music goes on!

  4. (The download link is no longer working. MediaFire is pretty aggressively blocking copyrighted material nowadays.)

    Recommendations for Kyler (all 1982-1985): Boytronic, Fad Gadget, Endgames, Jacqui Brookes / Intro, Moral Support, The Twins, Chris & Cosey, Sharpe & Numan, Vicious Pink, Night Moves, A Number of Names...

    There isn't really a name for this kind of music; it's just a somewhat nebulous corner of New Wave. I call it electropop, because it's very synth-heavy, like synthpop (another aspect of new wave), but it uses electrofunk-style percussion patterns...except for the last few names I mentioned, which have more disco-style beats.

    The same electro-style percussion was used in a lot of '80s dance music; it was very popular I think in part because it was less monotonous, it could help give music a "hard" sound, and it allowed songs to be slower in tempo yet still feel energetic.

    Although I like to call it electropop, no one agrees on what that term means; some treat it as a synonym for synthpop, some consider it to be much more mainstream and varied than what we've covered here, and some consider it to be stuff that's way more underground and minimal than anything we've mentioned here. Some have managed to advance their definitions via Wikipedia, but as is often the case there, "citation needed." :)

  5. Kyler ChristensenMarch 10, 2013 at 9:22 AM

    Directed @ mjb: Thank you so much for those artist recommendations! The only artist I've actually heard of from that list is Vicious Pink. I love discovering [new to me] 80's synthpop music. I know exactly the type of genre you're referring to. I'd call it electropop too, but yes, it does depend on who you're talking to. Some of it seems to have a sort or raw-er/harder, more pronounced, and italo influence. Let me share a few more artists of my recently-discovered music more or less along these lines, if I may: Al Corley, more Jan Hammer, Yazoo, Kraftwerk, Collage, Sequal, Fake, Radiorama, Trans-X, Fancy, Calamity, Heaven 17, Bad Boys Blue, Blancmange, Memory Control, Clio, Eugene, Stravaganza, Hot Cold, and Reeds (most of those last ones are Dance). My adventure of discovering good music continues!

  6. Kyler ChristensenMarch 15, 2013 at 2:44 AM

    Sorry, I don't mean to flood your entire blog RA Fuetz but do you happen to have extended vinyl recordings of Q-Feel's "Dancing In Heaven"? It seems so difficult to find a high quality extended version. Thanks so much and I really appreciate all of the help you've been - with everything!

  7. Kyler, feel free to msg. me on the Sidestepping Facebook site. I'll check into your request. Thanks!!/SideSteppingTheMainstream