Sunday, January 1, 2012

Jerry Harrison - Rev It Up (12 Inch) (1988) @ 320 w/ Full Art

01) Rev It Up (To Heller And Back Mix) - 5:54
02) Rev It Up (Bad Bruce's Wisconsin Dub) - 6:40
03) Bobby (Aboriginal Mix) - 6:59

Milwaukee's own Jerry Harrison jumps into the 12" pool. This, of course, went on to become a moderate AOR hit locally/nationally and further spawned interest in the CD from that same year 'Casual Gods'. 

Jerry's success in the Talking Heads lead him onto many ventures, Solo Recordings and as a Producer. He frequently visited Milwaukee (perhaps still does) on many occassions. I can say this with an aire of pride, as he used to frequent the nightclub 'Mad Planet' (post operating hours) during my 20 years of DJing there. He was always a pleasure to chat up with!

I never asked him to sign my 12" from 1984 'Bonzo Goes To Washington - 5 Minutes' (Side Project & collaboration of Jerry & Bootsy Collins). Wish I would have...that's another post sometime...

Let your Head get rev v ved here: