Monday, January 2, 2012

Bonzo Goes To Washington - 5 Minutes (US 12 Inch) (1984) @ 320 w/ Art

01) 5 Minutes (C-C-C Club Mix) - 5:31
02) 5 Minutes (R-R-R Radio Mix) - 4:06 (Cold)
03) 5 Minutes (B-B-B Bombing Mix) - 3:21

OK, so this is the 12" I was speaking of in my post (yesterday).
It's a collaboration w/ Jerry Harrison & Bootsy Collins. If I had to pinpoint the sound, I'd go with early Tackhead or ACR funk. It contains the classic Ronald Reagan sample 'My fellow Americans, I'm pleased to tell you today that I've signed legislation that would outlaw Russia forever...we begin bombing in five minutes' sample. The sample is twisted and stuttered in between the funky bassline and drum loops. Just an instrumental piece.

Honestly, when I first picked this up (about 15 years ago), I would have never put 2 & 2 together. Sure enough flip it over to the back and there's your info. I surely would have breezed over this in the record bin had it not been for the 'Gipper' on the front! 

I have (2) copies now. One w/ the Original sleeve & one with a generic white jacket and promotional sticker.

If you have 5 Minutes to S-S-S Spare...


  1. This is too good of a record to go without comments. I hunted for a copy of this for years and years and years after reading about it on one of those Best Of This-or-That books back in the day. I finally got hold of a copy and promptly misplaced it... :(

  2. Thanks Ernie! I actually have (2) copies. The original, pictured here and then a promo one with a white jacket. I picked them up in Madison, WI. a long time ago!

  3. I want to say mine was a stickered white sleeve, certainly not the one you scanned. Back in the heyday of Napster, I remember downloading the original Reagan sample, along with a drug speech of his that got sampled and cut to pieces in a Black Grape song. Oh, the memories!!!

  4. I had totally forgo! I knew at the time when it was on every day on the local college radio station that it was Jerry Harrison (my one experience meeting him was very different from yours) but never picked this up. Never saw it in stores, actually. Thanks for posting this one!