Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Cure - Pictures Of You (Remix) (Promo CDS / 1990) @ 320 w/ Art

Here's another promo CDS I came across a few weeks ago in a used CD/Bookstore. Paid $1 and sold it for $1. I thought it may have acrued more value in the eyes of the Cure completeists out there, but no go.  Nonetheless, it's been added to my oversized Cure folder...perhaps you'd like to add this to yours as well! 

Pictures Of You (Remix) @ 4:45

Get your snapshot of it here: 

When In Rome - The Promise (Promo CDS / 1988) @ 320 w/ Art

So I've had this CDS in my collection since 1988. I picked it up @ one of the local Milwaukee radio stations for free. I'm certain it was (WLZR) that binned this for format reasons. Anyway, it made good giveaway fodder for visitors of the station.

It's just a Radio Edit of the original and has no other tracks.
I've decided to post it here because I recently sold it on eBay for $26. That alone kind of made me wonder....huh? 

The Promise @ 3:37

The promise of better tomorrows here: