Saturday, November 12, 2011

Eurythmics - Love Is A Stranger '91 (UK 12 Inch) @ 320 w/ All Art

01)  Love Is A Stranger '91 (J.C. Meets The Opressor) @ 6:24
02)  Love Is A Stranger '91 (Instrumental) @ 6:04
03) Love Is A Stranger '91 (Coldcut Remix) @ 7:18
04) Love Is A Stranger (1982 Orig. Album Version) @ 3:46

Just a note worth mentioning, Track 3 & 4 were taken from the 2005 CD Remaster of 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of These)'. The vinyl version I have was an overly played club copy and was too worn for any considerable use. The time stamp is the same. Track 4 was included to round out the package and give you an idea of how different the '91 mixes are from the original.

I took a significant amount of time to repair the art (pic. taken from the orig. 12") and to tweak the first two tracks. As I said earlier, the vinyl was a former 'dj' copy and had looked so!  OK, enough with the insight...enjoy the 12'er! 

Love isn't a stranger here: New Link (8-6-14)


  1. Sadly, I've been denied access to this one. Can you repost? I know Eurythmics released a number of great 12" singles and extended versions, particularly from the albums Savage and Revenge. If you have those I'd love to see those.