Monday, June 13, 2011

Rock And Hyde - Dirty Water (12 Inch/1987) @ 320

Dirty Water (Extended Mix) - 6:54
Dirty Water (LP Version) - 4:18
There's Always Someone Tougher (LP Version) - 3:18


  1. Thanks! Great stuff. Best of the 80s ...I miss those times.

  2. Thanks! Feel free to msg. me via the facebook site for any requests! I enjoy blogging, despte my infrequency.!

  3. Thank you Thank you and Thank you AGAIN....also a retired club dj father of two....have the 12" but this saved me having to convert ANOTHER 12", although I'll never give up my vinyl ;) - Rob G Bklyn NY

  4. Thanks for the comment! I'm happy to know that the link is still alive considering this was 2 years ago.