Saturday, April 30, 2011

Polyphonic Size - Mother's Little Helper (EP / 1982)

01 Mother's Little Helper (3:06)
02 Men And Construction (1:45)
03 RDA-RFA (2:56)
04 Kyoto (5:17)
05 Nagasaki Mon Amour (4:14)

Take five more here: Link Update 2-13-17


  1. thanks so much!!!
    searching "RDA RFA (Dans Les Gares)" for years since i sold my "Winston And Julia" 3 tracks single (the one with "Winston" at 45 RPM on A-side and the B-side with "Mother's Little Helper" & "RDA-RFA" at 33 ⅓ RPM)

  2. Great stuff, merci beaucoup !
    I would like to taste the LP box "Saison 1979-1982", but I can't find it anywhere...
    Best regards,

    1. Than you Fred! I can't believe the link still works for this, as it was one of my early posts! I'll look about for the box set!

    2. Still can't find the box set Saison. It would be so nice if you could re-up !!
      Best regards, and Bravo encore for all these good materials here.
      Fred, Creteil, France

    3. Thanks again Fred! I'll get a new link for this. I recorded it in 320, so there won't be a flac version like I have started to do with all my posts. Stay tuned...