Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hoodlum Priest - Heart Of Darkness (CD/1990)

01 Introduction to the Heart of Darkness (2:51)
02 Rock Drill (5:13)
03 Tyrell (7:16)
04 C Horse (2:52)
 05 Caucasian (3:15)
 06 Sex Spirit (3:31)
 07 The Walker (6:24)
08 Talk Dirty (5:07)
09 Deep Dance (4:12)
 10 Rebel Angel (4:58)

Derek Thompson (aka Hoodlum Priest) is the Producer/Engineer of this unique 1990 ZTT Records (Art Of Noise, Frankie G.T.H., Propaganda) release. He was certainly influenced by his time in the pivotal experimental industrial act S.P.K., playing bass, keys and trumpet. Following his departure of S.P.K.(Leader Graeme Revell's more commercial approach didn't sit well with him), Derek worked a brief stint with Robert Smith and the Cure (1983). 
Hip-hop, industrial, movie dialogue (samples ala Robocop, Bladerunner) and techno influences were used as source material for his sounds, on this, his 1st solo release as Hoodlum Priest. Joining Hoodlum Priest was  Christian rapper Paul Sevier (who had earlier appeared on a John Peel session under the name of Junior Gee). Following this release, ZTT gets bought out by Warner Bros. and his contract is dumped.
For more information  go to http://www.hoodlumpriest.net/


  1. -= Faith Healer =-August 17, 2016 at 8:05 AM

    by any chance do you still have this record and can re-up it?

    1. I had the LP and the CD at one time. Sold them a while back. Kind of expensive to rebuy these days. I can re-up my CD rip of it. I love this release!