Thursday, October 14, 2010

DJ Dick - Weekend (EP) (1991)

This track was on my platter quite a bit back in 1991. It was a Friday night staple when I was mixing the Techno Rave/ Hip House beats. This 12" follows suit with most of the music of that time frame. Techno rhythms spliced with the 'weeekkeeendd' sample and a mc rap over all of it. Not bad, considering the crossover from Techno/Hip-House into full on Techno had just begun. For further information, check out the discogs site:

DJ Dick - Weekend (EP) (1991) @ 320

01 Weekend (Club Mix) @ 4:56
02 Weekend (Extra Beats) @ 2:45
03 Weekend (Instrumental) @ 5:12
04 Weekend (Zombie Mix) @ 3:49

Been a long week?  If you're havin' it....WEEKEND (New Link 9-23-14)