Thursday, October 14, 2010

DJ Dick - Weekend (EP) (1991)

This track was on my platter quite a bit back in 1991. It was a Friday night staple when I was mixing the Techno Rave/ Hip House beats. This 12" follows suit with most of the music of that time frame. Techno rhythms spliced with the 'weeekkeeendd' sample and a mc rap over all of it. Not bad, considering the crossover from Techno/Hip-House into full on Techno had just begun. For further information, check out the discogs site:

DJ Dick - Weekend (EP) (1991) @ 320

01 Weekend (Club Mix) @ 4:56
02 Weekend (Extra Beats) @ 2:45
03 Weekend (Instrumental) @ 5:12
04 Weekend (Zombie Mix) @ 3:49

Been a long week?  If you're havin' it....WEEKEND (New Link 9-23-14)


  1. This track rocked our world at Club Ziggurat in King Cross SYDNEY AUS *

    It was played every night.. not just on the 'weekend' :)

    1. Yeah, I played this track quite a bit when it came out. It's still got merit and good memories attached to it. Surprised the link is still working...or is it? One of my earliest blog posts. Thanks for the comment!

    2. Damn. Dead link. I should really re-do this one in lossless and HD photos.