Friday, September 3, 2010

Dark Facade - Losing Faith (7 Inch) (1985) @ 192 w/ Art

This 7 Inch hails from Milwaukee, WI. (USA) and was independently put out in the Fall of 1985. It was produced by Jim Eanelli (who's had his finger's in MKE's music scene since forever...ala Guitar work w/ Sammy Llanas' project 'Absinthe' etc...). It was recorded @ Breezeway Recording Studio. Dark Facade consisted of Steven Nodine/Mary Lynn: Vocals / David Wolf: Synth / Bill Stace: Drums / Lisa Wicklund: Bass / Michael Ford: Guitar.   Shared male-female vocals over a strong Synth line and good melody.

01) Losing Faith (3:53)
02) Fear (B-Side) (3:40)

 Fear of Losing Faith? : Preacher
Recent update and promo poster regarding the re-union of several Milwaukee bands!
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  1. Highly appreciated -> i've been looking way too much time for this one!
    Thank you!

  2. Man, I love this little 7"! Thanks so much for providing these!

  3. Thanks Kyler! I'm happy it's one of my posts that's still available! Keep me posted about any of your interests that are down and always send me a message on the FB site about what you'd like to see posted! Thanks (RA F)