Sunday, September 5, 2010

Nerve Twins - 7 Daze (7 Inch) (1991) @ 320 w/ Art

Here's another little gem from the Milwaukee, WI. (USA) music scene. This was recorded @ A.D. Productions and produced by Ramie Espinoza in 1991. Wolfgang Productions and MKE's infamous, albeit recently closed Atomic Records (record shop) are all pictured as support.  I have to say that back in '91, most radio stations were 'flannel' eyed by the on-going Nirvana-Seattle grunge scene. This little 7" should have received alot more attention. It did make it's way into local radio via some of the more popular Radio personalities (Marilyn Mee, Terry Havel...etc). Anyway, Kudos to Damian Strigens (Nerve Twins, The Lovelies...), Rich Menning (Atomic owner) and Ron Schneider (Management guru) for keeping the faith in such interesting times...! Enjoy!

01) 7 Daze (4:31)
02) She's So Boss (5:34)

Here's a week of worries if you have the Nerve:  Dazed


  1. Thanks for this one. I have this and the Dark Facade 7" boxed up. I just saw Charles and D last time I was up there.

    1. Excellent! Glad the link still works. Thanks for this comment and all your others!