Sunday, September 26, 2010

Egma - Dont Have To Be Jesus (Import 12 Inch / 1992)

1) Don't Have To Be Jesus (Scripture Mix) 5:40
2) Don't Have To Be Jesus (Radio Edit) 3:48
3) Techno (Ojeah) 4:44
4) Techno (Ojeah) (Bonus Beats) 1:25

This 12 inch is a classic Techno-Rave EP from 1992. Mid-Town Records (MID 91118). Ege van Kruisdijk (EG) and Marcel Theunissen (MA), previously collaborated on the sensational 'Let The Bass Kick' 12" from 1991. This release would prove that their (and many others) 'hoover' sounds would not go unmissed in the yet-to-be exploited (U.S.) Techno-Rave scene. Following this release, Egma would move into a different direction. 1993 proved to be a big year for the two of them, but to most underground DJ's, the newer releases fell short of the previous output.

Friday, September 10, 2010

93 WQFM Hometown Album Project Vol. 2 (Dbl. Yellow LP) (1982)

This is my current project @ the moment. There has been a surge in requests for this Dbl. LP to be formatted into a MP3 version (due to the Facebook site!/pages/FM-933-WQFM-Milwaukee-Wisconsin-1973-1996/112832272063478?ref=ts)!  20 artists & 20 tracks from the 1982 Milwaukee rock scene including Bad Boy, Grey Star, Wally Cleaver, Colour Radio, The Booze Brothers, Quo Vadis, White Lie and many more!  It's a slow process, as all the tracks need amplification, and restoration, but it sounds really good so far!

V/A - 93.3 WQFM Hometown Album Project II (1982) @ 320

LP 1

A1) Grey Star - You Don't Even Know (3:43)
A2) Dan Grenier & The Hitters - Sheila (3:18)
A3) Four 1 Four (formerly The Pop) - Wait A Minute (2:07)
A4) Burst - Same Old Town (3:33)
A5) Bad Boy - Stay With Me Tonight (2:34)

B1) Whiz Kid - Play Dirty (2:48)
B2) The Rage - Attitude (3:24)
B3) Crash - Wave (4:07)
B4) The Dave Steffen Band - Gettin' Ready For You (3:39)
B5) Tomboy - It Could Have Been You (4:26)

Sample LP 1 @ this address:

I'm still working on finishing the 2nd LP...should be soon!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Couch Flambeau - Models (EP) (1987)

Jay Tiller and Neil Socol formed Couch Flambeau (a.k.a. Couch Potatoes) in Milwaukee during the bourgeoning Post-punk days of the late 70's early 80's. This outfit (along with several other members (Ron Ford) / friends / bandmates) clearly had stiff tongues in their collected cheeks, when they decided to write some off the wall punkish metal tracks. Satire and a penchant for nailing exactly what it's like to grow up on 'da Sout Side of Milwaukee, was this bands heart & soul. This EP is a fine example of their style. They still play out to this day and have quite a cult following...this blogger included!  For a bigger picture of the band, go pick up the 37 track CD 'I Did A Power Slide In The Taco Stand (Anthology 1982-2001)' or visit their website:


Couch Flambeau - Models (EP) (1987) @ 320

01) Models (4:00)
02) White Boy Blues (3:29)
03) Vipers (1:36)
04) Satan's Buddies (4:45)
05) Song With A Message (4:46)

If you have finished reading the phone book...go here:

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Nerve Twins - 7 Daze (7 Inch) (1991) @ 320 w/ Art

Here's another little gem from the Milwaukee, WI. (USA) music scene. This was recorded @ A.D. Productions and produced by Ramie Espinoza in 1991. Wolfgang Productions and MKE's infamous, albeit recently closed Atomic Records (record shop) are all pictured as support.  I have to say that back in '91, most radio stations were 'flannel' eyed by the on-going Nirvana-Seattle grunge scene. This little 7" should have received alot more attention. It did make it's way into local radio via some of the more popular Radio personalities (Marilyn Mee, Terry Havel...etc). Anyway, Kudos to Damian Strigens (Nerve Twins, The Lovelies...), Rich Menning (Atomic owner) and Ron Schneider (Management guru) for keeping the faith in such interesting times...! Enjoy!

01) 7 Daze (4:31)
02) She's So Boss (5:34)

Here's a week of worries if you have the Nerve:  Dazed

Friday, September 3, 2010

Dark Facade - Losing Faith (7 Inch) (1985) @ 192 w/ Art

This 7 Inch hails from Milwaukee, WI. (USA) and was independently put out in the Fall of 1985. It was produced by Jim Eanelli (who's had his finger's in MKE's music scene since forever...ala Guitar work w/ Sammy Llanas' project 'Absinthe' etc...). It was recorded @ Breezeway Recording Studio. Dark Facade consisted of Steven Nodine/Mary Lynn: Vocals / David Wolf: Synth / Bill Stace: Drums / Lisa Wicklund: Bass / Michael Ford: Guitar.   Shared male-female vocals over a strong Synth line and good melody.

01) Losing Faith (3:53)
02) Fear (B-Side) (3:40)

 Fear of Losing Faith? : Preacher
Recent update and promo poster regarding the re-union of several Milwaukee bands!
Facebook link: No Moment Of Silence

Tools Of Romance - Tools Of Romance (EP/1985)

Here's a group out of DeKalb, IL. (USA) consisting of (5) members; Dave Vogeler: Lead Vocals, Guitars / Elizabeth: Lead Vocals, Sythns / David Castenson: Guitars / Bob Vodick: Bass Guitar, Vocals / Rock O'Sadnick: Drums. This EP was produced in 1985 and follows in line w/ the Synth-Guitar-Male-Female vocal stylings of that time. The band played the Milwaukee-Chicago circuit and were featured quite often on Dekalb's own WDEK 92.5fm radio station. The standout track from this EP was 'Red To Blue'. I've posted the 'Red To Blue' video as well.  Enjoy!

Tools Of Romance - Tools Of Romance (EP/1985) @ 320
01) I Won't Wait (4:37)
02) Tower Of Fear (4:24)
03) Red To Blue (4:22)
04) Cool Heart (5:13)

Try a sample of it here @ this address

Tools of Romance 1985 - Live at Nine