Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Modern English - Stop Start (CD Wounded Bird Reissue / 2010)

01 The Border 4:08
02 Ink & Paper 3:58
03 Night Train 3:06
04 I Don't Know The Answer 3:09
05 Love Breaks Down 5:24
06 Breaking Away 4:03
07 The Greatest Show 4:52
08 Love Forever 3:29
09 Start Stop / Stop Start 5:46

I purchased this and sold it years ago. Damn. It is now going for ridiculous money on discogs. This is the Wounded Bird reissue. No bonus tracks and I'm uncertain of the source material used to make this. It is currently the only 'CD' version of this release originally put out in 1986.

Aside from that, I did at least make a 320kbps copy and scanned the art. I would have done this completely different back in the day knowing what I know now, but that's that. Enjoy this lovely treat.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Spectrum - Indian Summer EP (Import CD / 1993)

01 Indian Summer 3:10
02 Baby Don't You Worry (California Lullabye) 2:33
03 It's Alright 6:25
04 True Love Will Find You In The End 3:36

Recently sold. All scans included and WAV format recording.

Fatal Morgana - I Believe (Import 12 Inch / 1989)

01 I Believe (Techno Club Mix) 5:18
02 I Believe (Radio Mix / Einstein Mix) 4:56
03 Mahadma Ghandi (Chinese Version) 3:08

This track eluded me for years. My hat is off to the discogs site, as usual, and to 91.7 WMSE DJ/Manager Tom Crawford for spinning it on his Thursday night shows back in 1990. I only had it on a cassette recorded from one of his shows, until now. All recordings (in WAV) and art are from my twelve inch purchased on discogs and now currently being sold there.

Monday, May 28, 2018

Signal Aout 42 (SA42) - Pleasure And Crime (1989 / Import 12 Inch)

01 Pleasure And Crime (Remix '88) 7: 34
02 Pleasure And Crime (House Mix) 4:25
03 Pleasure And Crime (Instrumental) 7:42

Hands down, this is my favorite SA42 track! Jacky Meurisse's choice to remake his original 1986 release is exceptional and well timed. The explosion of electronic music in Europe, specifically acid house and new beat, clearly 'signaled' a time for a remix and what a job well done. This version sounding fresh and punchy compared to the rather somber and darker original. Every EBM/New Beat/Hard Beat mix tape I made back in '89-'91 included this track and it was an early staple in my DJ sets. The house mix is just that, but nowhere close to what could have been done given the bass heavy, acid squelching extended house tracks of the time.

All tracks were recorded in 16/44 lossless flac from my second copy of this 12 inch. It's going for about $20 on discogs these days. All art was HD scanned and cleaned up with photoshop. Thank you friends! Enjoy!

Friday, April 6, 2018

Rhythmatic - Take Me Back (Remix) (Import 12 Inch / 1990)

01 Take Me Back (Headstrong Remix With Bleeps) 6:04
02 Take Me Back (0254 Remix With Feeling) 6:15

My love for Rhythmatic goes back to the Bio Rhythm (Dance Music With Bleeps) compilations from 1990 on the lovely Network label. Bottom end LFO and plink-plonky bleeps that began the 'washing machine' dance party rush of pre-technorave events. The sounds that mixed Detroit techno with Birmingham manipulations to forge a new sound....the 'Network' label sound. Those years from 1989-1991 were fine tuned with many tracks and artists dabbling in this style.

I was hoping to find a CD version of this somewhere out there, but it's not to happen. I purchased this specifically for the two harder to find remixes. Recorded in 16/44 lossless as always with HD scans. These tracks were a bit harder to digitally clean up. The frequencies are all over the board due to the LFO bass and high end bleeps, so there will be some dynamic range and light white noise issues. It sounds great, but a good ear will hear the slight discrepancies. All good either way as it's not on CD. Happy Friday friends! Enjoy!


Thursday, April 5, 2018

V/A - Belgian Beat (1st Six Pack) (Import LP / 1989)

01 Electric Shock - This Is The Beat (6:01)
02 Micro X - Red Velvet (5:17)
03 Dirty Harry - I've Never Done It (5:37)
04 Sister Movie - Hold Me (5:09)
05 White House White - God Bless America (5:31)
06 The Van Der Bilt Connection - Power (4:20)

One of the earlier Belgian 'New Beat' releases. Only released on vinyl, this is one of the more difficult and expensive releases to find. By far the stand out track and only found on this LP release is White House White's 'God Bless America'. A classic slow burner of dark new beat with random samples. I used to hear this one played on local college radio, specifically Tom Crawford's three hour Thursday night show on Milwaukee's very own 91.7 WMSE all the way back in '89. Tom...it took me forever to find, buy and record this! All I had was my TDK SA-90 cassette version recorded from your show to go by! :) Good stuff....great times! 

Everything here is from my very beat copy, which has been painstakingly recorded in 16/44 lossless flac. I used a few programs to clean and amplify the tracks, but not overkill. All art was HD scanned and fully retouched in photoshop. Enjoy my friends!

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Voltage Control - Force d' Inquisition (Import 12 Inch EP / 1990)

01 Apocalypse (12 Inch) 6:31
02 Apocalypse (7 Inch) 4:09
03 Outer Space Odyssey (Part V) 5:04
04 Jack Hallucinates 5:06

All lossless 16/44 recordings and HD scans are from my repurchased (yes, I sold this years ago without properly digitizing it) import 12 inch. Seems everyone in Italy owns this and very few of us have this for sale in the States. Expensive shipping from Italy. I found my copy from an Amsterdam seller. Too bad it arrived with a badly damaged sleeve (from shipping). You'd never be able to tell with the hour plus of photoshop applied...lol! Enjoy!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Berlin - 12 Inches Of Sex (I'm A...) (US Promo 12 Inch / 1982)

01 Sex (I'm A...) Extended Version 8:07
02 Sex (I'm A...) Instrumental 5:08

Lossless (16/44) recording and HD scans from my recently purchased original 12 inch release.

Sex (I'm A...) (Zippy)

The Lords Of The New Church - Dance With Me (UK 12 Inch / 1983)

01 Dance With Me (Extended Version) 5:51
02 I'm Not Runnin' Hard Enough 3:37

Lossless (16/44) recording and HD scans from my mildly used original 12 inch release. 

Dance With Me (Zippy) 

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Zsa Zsa Laboum - Something Scary (Import 12 Inch / 1988)

01 Something Scary 5:02
02 Something Scary (Instrumental) 4:57

Lossless (16/44) recording along with HD scans from the original 12 inch release in my collection.

Something Scary (Zippy)

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Cetu Javu - Por Que? (Import 12 Inch / 1991)

01 Por Que? 5:55
02 Heads Or Tails 5:11
03 Don't Leave Me 5:55

Sure, you know Cetu Javu from their big track 'Situations', but believe it or not they had several other tracks that made it big...just not in the U.S. Fact is, the band released quite a few twelve inches over the years along with the LP/CD full length 'Southern Lands' and the hard to find 'Where Is Where...'. I find that most of the songs that they composed seemed to stem from the original base idea on 'Situations' and only seem to be variables on the same build. A formula that seemed to serve them well, along with the Depeche Mode comparisons, but it was short lived.

This 1991 release of 'Por Que' features two additional tracks that were not found anywhere else, well maybe on some other compilations, but I have yet to dig that far into their Discogs page. All flac (16/44) recordings and HD scans (shared to discogs) are from my twelve inch that recently sold. Big thanks to DJ KY for gifting me all of her found and purchased treasures. This is from that collect. As always, thanks to you all. Enjoy!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Structure - Das Licht (The Light) (Import 12 Inch / 1991)

01 Das Licht 5:52
02 The Light 5:52

A brief relief from blogging has occurred and I've returned. My interest has waned regarding keeping up to speed on regular posts. I would like to thank all you followers and random guests for pushing me over the one millionth (happy customer) view! It happened a week or two ago and for that I'm extremely humbled.

I will be pushing on. The posts may be few and far between, but they will happen. They will follow my fancy of the moment and whether or not it's something I need to record because it sold on Discogs or eBay. Future requests and re-ups (if needed) will be on a donation basis only. It's simple and easy to donate what you'd like to get my full attention and get what you want. I will honor all if possible! Just wanted to get that out of the way. Thanks.

Here today is a random post from the Boy record label. I've been digging in my crates for lesser known artists. This gets the treatment first. All HD art and lossless recordings are from my own 12'er which you can now find here...for sale and for more information  

As always, thank you to you all and Enjoy!

Friday, September 22, 2017

Blacklist - The Sign Of 4 (EP / 1984)

01 Steady On The Steel 5:43
02 Confrontation 5:28
03 Sin Of Sentence 6:01
04 Revenge 7:21

'M-m-m-m-m-m-Metal Shop, the only show with teeth!' Perhaps some of you will remember that opening jingle from the nationally broadcast radio program 'Metal Shop' that dates back to 1984 or so. Don't tell me I've already lost the lot of you? Ok...I'm going for some big diversity here by adding this Milwaukee heavy metal act, but hey...it's Milwaukee based. Recall my last post? 
I was a high school metal head. I will finally admit that...lol! I heard this band at the zenith of my mid teen passion for all things kerang! I even got to see them play live once as the opening act for Accept (w/ Udo Dirkschneider) on the 1984 'Balls To The Wall' world tour. That's about all I got regarding Blacklist. This was their only EP release. Back in the day this release flooded the local bins for cheap. Nowadays, if your lucky, you can get it for $30+! I found mine for $14 in a dusty record crate at a local Cedarburg antique shop...yup! Gold was found that day, well to me at least. 
I've taken great time and painstaking measures to right the ills of the artwork...for the most part. The record itself was in ace condition and the recording sounds nice. No issues there. Everything was from my copy (now recently sold), all scans too. Lossless 16/44 for your aural pleasure. Happy Friday and Autumn salutes to you all. Enjoy!

Friday, September 15, 2017

The Booze Bros. Revue - Rockin' Rhythm 'n' Booze (LP / 1982)

01 The Horse 2:18
02 I Do 3:09
03 Soothe Me 3:19
04 Looking Back 2:24
05 Natural Woman 3:46
06 I Don't Know What You Mean To Me 2:55

07 Get It, Get It 3:46
08 Bring It Up 4:28
09  Got To Get You Off My Mind 2:26
10 St. James Infirmary 4:25
11 When The Saints Go Marching In 4:39


12 Shout 3:41 (Taken from the 45 of the same name)
13 36-22-36 3:46 (B-side of the Shout 45)
14 Can't Say No 4:14 (Taken from the Milwaukee Sampler Vol. 1 LP)

What can I say, I have a deep love of all bands that came out of Milwaukee during the late 70's and 80's...some 90's too! Growing up in MKE and seeing many of them in my youth, fueled my interest to take this LP release and make it into digital format for the world to hear. On a side note, this was a project for a friend, actually my local Postal carrier, who spends quite a bit of time chatting music with me instead of delivering the mail. Sorry if your parcel was delayed...lol!

This is a R& B group that was very big back then. They followed the 'Blues Brothers' idea and made it there own. I'm certain if you do any searching on the web, you will find plenty of information about them. Far more that what I can provide, given I was barely 14 when they peaked. Some excellent horns and great vocals here. My particular favorites are 'Get It, Get It' and the lovely b-side of Shout, '36-22-36'. Good fun if you are into this style and quite honestly, a whole lot of fun if you're tippin' a few brewski's! Discogs link here for more info etc.

All recordings are directly from the vinyl releases into 16/44 flac. All scans are taken from the original work as well. Have a great weekend my friends! Enjoy!

Monday, August 7, 2017

Friends Again - The Friends Again EP (2x7 Inch Gatefold / 1984)

01 Lullaby No. 2 (Love On Board) 3:52
02 Wand You Wave 3:28
03 Thank You For Being An Angel 3:56
04 Sunkissed (New Version) 3;15
05 State Of Art (Remix) 3:53

Here's a project I've had on the back burner for sometime. I purchased it about six months ago and scanned all the artwork back then. The only thing left to do was to give it a proper digital recording. It's recent sale on discogs forced my decision to complete the process. I know that this had been posted some time ago on another site I frequent, but I really wanted to take it on for a full work out in my own way. Everything was scanned in HD and retouched along with high quality FLAC recordings of the nearly pristine seven inch records. I think you will find it to your liking. I know most everyone is seeking the 'State Of Art' import twelve inch, but until I have $100+ to burn, this will have to do. Thanks as always! My 'birthday' gift...to you! Enjoy!

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Charlie Sexton - Pictures For Pleasure (CD / 1985)

01 Impressed 4:19
02 Beats So Lonely 5:16
03 Restless 4:58
04 Hold me 4:32
05 Pictures For Pleasure 4:57
06 Tell Me 4:32
07 Attractions 4:30
08 You Don't Belong Here 4:58
09 Space 3:31

I recently replaced a broken link to Charlie Sexton's twelve inch for 'Impressed' and it got me to thinking. One, I need to redo his first two twelve inch releases in a lossless format with HD scans and two, I really should post this full length to coincide with my recent blog posts. So...here you have it. Not a hard to find CD, but still, worthy of a share. This takes me back to the mid eighties nightclub scene, when music was music and Dead Or Alive would be played next to Gene Loves Jezebel and it ALL worked. Ha! I guess Sundays are for reminiscing about 'them' glory days. Anyway, here you are. All the scans and a lossless share for your 'pleasure'. Thanks as always and enjoy!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Stabilizers - Tyranny (CD / 1986)

01 Tyranny 4:31
02 (If I) Found Rome 4:40
03 I Don't Need The Pain 4:05
04 Now I here You 4:05
05 One Simple Thing 4:10
06 Underground 4:47
07 Does Your Love Lie Open? 4:32
08 Place To Hide 3:43
09 You Pull Me Down 4:03

Following suit with my previous post. I picked this one up for about $20, but is sells for far more! The Stabilizers had one big track 'One Simple Thing' then seemed to just fade away from it all. Kind of funny too, as it seemed acts similar to them such as the Cutting Crew, Outfield and Pseudo Echo were making a big splash on the airwaves and in the Pop Rock world. Either way, it is a fine song that doesn't particularly have a personal memory attached to it. The rest of the disc seems a bit dated, but still holds up well. Other standout tracks include the title track 'Tyranny' and 'Underground'. All scans are included here along with lossless (FLAC) recording. Thanks. Enjoy!


Friday, July 14, 2017

Rock And Hyde - Under The Volcano (Import CD / 1987)

Blame it on the Summer. I've neglected the blog due to a variety of reasons, but I'm going with the excuse 'Summer' and all it has to offer. Actually, I have been busy, but my goals remain true. Recent record and CD purchases have been numerous. One of my biggest focuses has been the Pop-Rock scene of the mid to late eighties. A mass of HTF CD's from one off artists have been purchased via all avenues for an undisclosed amount of coin! This post being one of them. I posted the 12 inch of 'Dirty Water' previously and I still want to get my hands on the 'I Will' extended release, but for now, the full length will have to suffice. This release will forever remind me of the Summer of 1987. Recorded in lossless FLAC this time around with all the scans included. 'Summer On' my friends...Thanks as always! Enjoy!

Just a quick update (8-5-17), There was an issue with the tracking on the last recording. I want to thank DJ Shelf for pointing that out to me! All tracks have been properly restored and a new link has been provided. 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry - Singles Collection 1982-1987 (Import CD / 1994)

01 Beating My Head 3:16
02 I'm Still Waiting 3:58
03 Take It All Away 2:50
04 Happy 3;40
05 He's Read 2:59
06 See The Fire 2:30
07 Monkey's On Juice 3:13
08 Push 3:03
09 Silence 2;29
10 Hollow Eyes 3:03
11 Feel A Piece 2:39
12 Chance 5:19
13 Generation 3:07
14 Spinning Round 2:50
15 Hold Yourself Down 2:54
16 Regenerate 2:23
17 Walking On Your Hands 2:40
18 Which Side 2:05
19 Jipp (Instrumental) 2:58
20 Cut Down 3:47
21 Burning Fever 2:28
22 Pushed Me 2:18
23 Crawling Mantra 2:40
24 Hang Man 3:15
25 All The Same 2:55
26 Shout At The Sky 3:04

A lovely find, if I do say so myself. Find, as in, I went to a local record store (Stardust Records & Collectibles) over the weekend and came across a ton of hard to find, rare and out of print CD's and records, all going for a measly two dollars a piece! Kid in a candy store! I should have bought more, but I though $300 spent was well enough alone at that point. Your benefit and mine. You get some classic releases (lossless and HD scanned images) and I get to beef up my blog....and Discogs store. 

Let's begin with this RLYL release from 1994 on Cherry Red. I had a CD-r version of this during my days of djing back in the mid 90's to early 2000's. I had always wanted the original because my CD-r was not well noted with the tracks or time list. I just had to know what to go with. A bit frustrating when you are in the mix and need a track asap. This being 26 tracks made it an even bigger issue. Let's just leave those djing stories back in the past for now. Quick note...Happy Father's day to all my followers who fall into that category. I for one enjoyed a completely relaxing day of doing some yard work and then capping it of with this post. Thanks again friends. Enjoy!

Friday, June 2, 2017

The Spoons - Collectible Spoons (Canadian Import CD / 1994)

The highly underrated Spoons! I have to go back to my youth, specifically 1982, to recall the brilliant hit 'Nova Heart'. It's where it all started for me and I've collected all their work since. That track in particular came on the airwaves and I was immediately transported into another world. A Flock Of Seagulls and Strange Advance are right there with it, in 1982, that is. This is a fine compilation that covers most of the early releases stretching from 1981-1988. I owned this years ago, and like most everything I owned, it was sold...then repurchased. Ahh youth (smh)! This is all in WAV format and includes every scan from my CD. Happy June Friday my friends! Enjoy!